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Should I Use a Moving Company or Do It Myself?

When you’re a poor college student, it’s common to plan on moving by yourself or with the help of friends. However, as you get older, it just makes more sense to hire this job out. If you have never hired a mover before and are on the fence about whether you should, here are three reasons why it may be in your best interest to do so this time around.

Health Issues

Moving is hard work. It puts pressure on your back, neck, and legs. Since this kind of heavy lifting isn’t something that most people do on a regular basis, the potential for sustaining a serious injury exists. Your body just isn’t used to it. Health challenges that can come from this work include backache and strain as well as headache, bumps, bruises or worse. It might be better if you spent your time making sure everything gets packed before you move instead of doing the actual moving.


The chances of you slipping and falling during moving is considerable even under the best of circumstances. Moving during bad weather, like rain or snow, makes the hazards even more pronounced. If you’re injured badly enough, you may find that you will have to miss work for while you heal. If you believe that your health will take a hit as a result of moving, then you may want to hire professionals. It’s common practice for moving companies to offer insurance in case of an accident. This provides you with peace of mind if you or your belongings get injured or broken. Truly, sometimes it’s just better for you to tuck yourself into a corner on moving day and let the moving professionals you’ve hired do their job.

Lost Time

Moving from one place to another is a lengthy process. It not only takes up your time, but it also requires the time of the friends and family you’ve asked to help you move. It’s inconvenient, to say the least. If you miss work in order to move, it’s also expensive. This is particularly true if you earn a high hourly wage or salary. For people who work in professions like engineering, law or medicine, it actually doesn’t make much sense for them to complete a move by themselves. Sometimes, it’s best to guard your time and let someone else take care of the hassles related to moving. Additionally, it’s critical to remember that if you are a high wage earner, and you do get hurt moving, you have not saved any money at all. In fact, moving has cost you a significant amount of money.

Although there are reasons why you should hand your move yourself, it actually makes as much, or more, sense for you to hire movers if you can afford it. Doing so cuts down on back strain, accidents and other negatives that come with moving.

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