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4 Things You Should Absolutely Tell Your Agent When Trying To Sell Your Home

According to the National Association of Realtors, real estate agents assisted 89% of homeowners selling their home. It is clear that having an agent assist during the sales process is a preference amongst the majority. Working with an agent can make things much easier and more efficient. Here are four things you should absolutely tell your agent when trying to sell your home.

Your Goals for Selling the Home

Even though most people understand the work behind selling a home, many still assume that the process is fairly one-dimensional. In reality, there are many different methods surrounding the sale of a home. For this reason, it is critical that you tell an agent your primary goals for selling a home. These aspirations may be as simple as making a profit or may be something more complicated. Regardless, agents need to know their customers’ goals in order to do their job properly.

Previous Damage

Homeowners may feel an inclination to hide some more negative aspects of home’s history. However, this concealment can end up hurting in the long-run if future buyers find out about the lack of transparency during the selling process. To help avoid this possibility, it is important that you tell an agent about all of the damage that a house has faced such as natural damage from weather, infestations, and more. It is also important to show proof you removed the infestation or fixed the weather damage.


Homeowners shouldn’t just disclose the damage that a house has faced but also about other renovations that took place. This not only helps to give the agent more knowledge when selling, but it can also help add value to the home. Proper remodeling can help increase the selling price of a house from its original estimate. Additionally, your agent may be able to use these renovations and remodels as a key selling point to entice potential buyers. Those looking to purchase houses like to know that previous owners were diligent when taking care of the home.


Selling a home can be a stressful process. As agents have more experience in the field, homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to share any doubts that they have. Agents are there to guide you through the entire process of selling a home, not only to make the sale.

One of the most important aspects of working with an agent is communication. Agents can only work with the information that they have available. The more they know, the more successful they can be. If you need to get rid of your house quickly, talk to your agent about selling your home to Second Chance Offers today. We buy quickly, and with cash, and we care about making this an easy process for you.