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3 Ways You Can Protect Your Belongings While Moving

Damaging property is always a possibility when you’re moving. If furniture shifts in the truck or you don’t have your dishes appropriately packed, you can incur damage to some property that you’re attached to either because of monetary or sentimental reasons. But there are ways that you can pack your belongings to significantly reduce the risk of breaking something valuable to you. You can also protect your possessions through other methods such as insurance.


If you have some items that are particularly expensive, check your insurance policy to find out if they would be covered in the event of damage. PolicyGenius explains, “the common forms of moving insurance are: Full Value Protection, where the movers must reimburse the total cost of the item broken or replace it, Released Value Protection covers around 60% of damages incurred by movers, but not everything, or Third Party Coverage where another company pays anything above that 60%.” Some moving companies policies say that they will pay for replacement at no extra charge, but their cost in general may be higher. You’ll be happy to know about these if you ever find yourself in a situation in which something was broken despite your best efforts to keep it safe.

Pack Your Property Properly

When you’re moving furniture into or out of your house or apartment, be sure to pack things in the truck so that they don’t shift. Also, if you’re hiring a moving company, ensure that they are moving things in a way that will protect them from damage. On the Move explains that you have to ensure that when you’re moving large furniture through doorways you need to be extra cautious. It’s possible to scrape it against the door frames, wall, or floor. To avoid damage, make sure that they’re not forcing anything, and make sure that they are using padding and dollies when necessary. Moving blankets should always be placed between pieces of furniture to avoid scraping. You should also ensure that any televisions and other expensive equipment are packed properly before the movers come. If you have the original box, secure it inside. If you’re missing the original box, find cardboard, packing tape, and bubble wrap that will keep the television screen protected. You also need to ensure that heavy items are placed on the bottom so that they don’t fall off during the trip.

Liability Coverage

While there are some homeowner’s insurance policies that might cover damage in the event of a move, only some do. That’s why understanding how your mover’s liability coverage works. Moving companies are liable for what they are moving, but there are usually two kinds of coverage. One will cover your possessions for the full value of them, and the other kind will only give you a portion of what they’re worth. Take some extra time to understand what your movers are offering.

Moving without breaking anything is a skill that takes practice. If you want your items to arrive at the new place without any damage, make sure that you pack properly. And make sure you have the liability coverage in the event of a mishap.

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